Pooya Nikbakht

I recently completed my Master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Manitoba. I was a member of the geometric, approximation, and distributed algorithms (GADA) lab and conducted my research under the supervision of Dr. Kamali. My research was focused on the design and analysis of online and approximation algorithms particularly for the extensions and applications of the bin packing problem such as cutting stock, server consolidation, and resource allocation in the cloud systems. I am also interested in software engineering, data science, and machine learning, and have some prior experience with them.

I completed my Bachelor`s degree in software engineering at the Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, under the supervision of Dr. Saraee in 2014 and joined the research group of GADA in 2019.

Email: [myFirstName+myFamilyName]@gmail.com Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/pooya-nikbakht/

Selected Work

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